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Roshan Shah provides initial funding and mentoring to Reputa India

Reputa India is a new startup in Ahmedabad that is aiming to address a huge market of background check, credibility and managing discipline both for businesses and individuals.

Today we are in a phase where Indian businesses need to hire people after taking utmost care. Few reasons are :

  1. HR practices have not evolved in full disclosures that will help the other organization find out about techno behavioural skills of an ex-employee.
  2. Corporate incidents like facility abuse, gossips, wrongdoings are not getting penalized and recorded and employees think that if they are caught, they can just change the company. Job hopping is becoming a norm and loyalty/integrity looks like dictionary words
  3. Businesses have started asking for bonds. Few businesses also do wrong things like not pay the money they owe to employees of other suppliers.

Till now there is no central database for background check services. Gloscon CEO Roshan Shah has seen this happen too often and is aware that Indian legal system cannot penalize someone instantly. The only recourse is to have a system that puts brakes on such wrong doers. Not only himself but there are many other companies or individuals who have been impacted by such acts.

Roshan Shah provided initial funding to Reputa India - http://www.reputa.in and has been helping in mentoring this startup to get off the ground.

Roshan's other startups are Kosansh - http://www.kosansh.com - Medical Tourism Portal, Citiplots - http://www.citiplots.com. He speaks regularly on entrepreneurship and runs Gujarat Business Pulse podcast on http://www.roshanshah.com